About the Book

Why I Still Carry a Guitar is the gripping and often moving story of Yusuf Islam’s journey from his life as a boy experiencing the dizzying heights of music superstardom, to a man defined by his faith who chose to give up music for over a quarter of a century, but is now back again delivering his powerful message of peace to the world of music and art.

Why I Still Carry a Guitar is a remarkable work and like its author, transcends the East–West divide, telling the story of a unique man bringing worlds together against a backdrop of international politics, religion and the music industry.


About the Author

Yusuf Islam was born in London 15th of Ramadan 1367H (21st July 1948) the celebrated British Muslim educator and activist, is also still known and admired by millions of people worldwide for his music and words as Cat Stevens.

One of the world's most famous converts to Islam; Yusuf’s pioneering work in education and humanitarian relief is recognized all over the world..

During the 70's in USA and Europe, Yusuf’s songs (with the name Cat Stevens) influenced the youth dominated the global charts and airwaves for a decade, and his music catalog and journey is one millions know.

He embraced Islam on 12th Muharram, 1398H (23rd December, 1977) and went on to become an energetic supporter of Islamic education and humanitarian work throughout the world. Yusuf Islam’s historic effort helped secure the first Muslim School supported by the British Government.

In 1994, Yusuf Islam’s established a media company, Mountain of Light, producing educational materials in English and specializing on the young generations, beginning with a audio-book on the Life of the Last Prophet – peace be upon him – for the first time in English.

He produced one of the most well known Children’s CDs: I Look, I See (I & II), The Story of Adam and the encyclopaedic song-book, A is for Allah, which have helped many Muslim children grow up to learn the beauty of the their Faith through delightfully bright and colorful art, songs and poetry.

In 2003 Yusuf Islam received the 'World Social Award', the 'Man for Peace' award (2004). He also holds honorary doctorates in Philosophy and Law from the universities of Gloucestershire and Exeter. In 2014 he was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Yusuf Islam over the years worked hard to correct the picture projected by the media of Islam which is usually so negative. So in 2006 he decided to return and sing songs with a good message for the wide mainstream public again. He has recently toured Europe, USA, Australia and South America to the delight and benefit of his fans and followers. In 2017 he celebrates his 50 years in Music with tours of South Africa and Australia and New Zealand.

The Yusuf Islam Foundation, through which he directs his charitable work, is now engaged in establishing a Cultural and Exhibition complex in North London: the Maqam Centre, which will project the universal Abrahamic message of Islam: the belief in One God and Lord of the Universe, Allah, and the branches of Prophet hood, completed with the arrival of Muhammad, peace be upon him.

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Author Name: Yusuf Islam
ISBN: 978 1 9997158 09
Extent: 112 pages
Height: 25cm
Width: 17cm
Weight: 430gm


Author Name: Yusuf Islam
ISBN: 978 1 9997158 09
Extent: 112 pages
Height: 25cm
Width: 17cm
Weight: 410gm

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